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NOVEMBER 5th  2018

The Life and Work of Thomas Chippendale.

No cabinetmaker's name is better known than Thomas Chippendale..

JANUSZ KARCZEWSKI-SLOWIKOWSKI, renowned freelance lecturer & researcher in English furniture, as well as antiques dealer, makes a welcome return to the Arts Society Sperkenhoe to talk about Thomas Chippendale. This Lectuyre, marking Chippendale's terce3ntenary, concludes that he was to English furniture what Shakespear was to English Literature.



For our October lecture we welcomed ANDREW PRINCE, who talked us through jewellery design from 1890 to 1929 (he has himself created many fine costume jewellery pieces, including tiaras, many of which were used in the TV drams 'Downton Abbey'). Andrew explained hoe the jewellers Boucheron & Cartier collaborated with the great fasjion hpouses to produce pieces of outstnding quality & glittering opulence. In the Edwardian age, many were worn as stomachers & brooches, pinned to a lady's dress with the help of a steel corset under her gown! Many of the larger pieces were later broken down into necklaces & bracelets. Chokers & strings of pearls were also very much ion fachion. But at the beginning of the 20thC, the French couturier Paul Poiret radically changed fashion by jettisoning the corset in favour of loose clothing. This led Cartier to produce jewellery in a more simple design, although still opul;ent, in the Art Deco style.