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1 October 2018

From Downtown to Gatsby: Jewellery and

Fashion from 1890 to 1929 

Andrew guides you through the extraordinary periods and events between 1890 and 1929, when the rest fashion houses collaborated with the finest jewellers to produce artworks of outstanding quality & glittering opulence.

Andrew Prince has had a passion or jewellery since early childhood and began his professional career in jewellery aged 16. His taste for fine costume jewellery led him to create pieces for celebrities and for film and TV, including a large collection for 'Downtown Abbey'. 



At our September lecture, we welcomed MARC ALLUM, a freelance art & antiques journalist, writer & broadcaster & familiar to many as a specialist on the BBC 'Antiques Roadshow'. Marc gave us a very interesting & entertaining talk about what makes collectors tick, which he illustrated with images & stories from the history & psychology of collecting through the eyes of some of the greatest historical collectors. He also brought along items from his own eclectic collection - these ranged from pre-historic stones, old pieces of pottery. & a beautifully decorated silver cup produced at the time of the festivities of the Russian Tsar Nicholas II's Coronation in May 1896 (tragically, too few were made & in the human stampede to obtain one, over 1300 people were killed on the Khodynka Field. Marc also confessed to having a fascination with skulls & has more than one in his house!The lecture was extremely well received.