We are an enthusiastic and active group interested in all aspects of the arts. 

Come and find out about a wide range of subjects from fine art and sculpture to gardens and architecture; the Terracotta Army and the Aztecs to Canaletto and Vivaldi; silver and jewellery to heraldry and furniture. No previous knowledge is necessary!  And although many of our members are artists in their own right, Sparkenhoe Arts Society does not itself teach basket weaving or painting!  All you need is an interest in finding out more about the world around you.

Our main programme provides a series of talks every month (excluding January and August) on a huge variety of arts subjects (see our programme ) which are illustrated digitally. These talks take place in the Dixie Grammar School hall in Market Bosworth, Leicestershire CV13 0LE.

All our lecturers have been selected by our parent organisation, The Arts Society, after a very rigorous interviewing process.  They are all not only experts in the fields in which they are speaking but also experienced and engaging speakers, well versed in entertaining and informing audiences.

There are 10 talks every year with various visits and study days offered as well.

And, of course, being a member of Sparkenhoe also means you will be a member of The Arts Society, an international organisation with over 90,000 members. Have a look at The Artrs Societywebsite at www.theartssociety.org for more information.