4 June 2018

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera: the Golden Age of Mexican Painting. These artists have iconic status in Mexico. The lecture surveys their work and chronicles their marriage and Mexico’s history after the 1910 Revolution.

CHLOE SAYER: A freelance specialist in the art and culture of Latin America, has lectured and published widely. In 2016 she was awarded the prestigious Ohtli medal by the Mexican government for her long-standing commitment to Mexican culture.

2 July 2018

Hidden Canvasses – Street Art and the City. There’s more to street art than Banksy. Hidden Canvasses is a beginner's guide to the biggest art movement since pop art.

DOUG GILLEN is heavily involved in documenting the street art scene in London and abroad through his project Fifth Wall TV, and he acts as an East End tour guide for Alternative London, specialising in culture and art.

3 September 2018 (AGM at 7.00 pm)

The Anatomy of Collecting – the History of Collecting and Great Collectors through History. Antiques Roadshow specialist Marc Allum takes a look at what makes collectors tick, illustrated with items from his own collection.

MARC ALLUM is a freelance art and antiques journalist, writer and broadcaster including on the BBC Antiques Roadshow. He is a self-confessed collectaholic.

1 October 2018

From Downton to Gatsby: Jewellery and Fashion from 1890 to 1929. Andrew guides you through the extraordinary periods and events between 1890 and 1929, when the great fashion houses collaborated with the finest jewellers to produce artworks of outstanding quality & glittering opulence.

ANDREW PRINCE has had a passion for jewellery since early childhood and began his professional career in jewellery aged 16. His taste for fine costume jewellery led him to create pieces for celebrities and for film and TV, including a large collection for ‘Downton Abbey’.

5 November 2018

The Life and Work of Thomas Chippendale. No cabinetmaker’s name is better known than his. This lecture, marking his tercentenary, concludes that he was to English Furniture what Shakespeare was to English Literature!


SLOWIKOWSKI is a renowned freelance lecturer and researcher in English furniture, and an antiques dealer. He makes a welcome return to The Arts Society Sparkenhoe.

3 December 2018

The Magic of Pantomime. The history of this enduring & peculiarly British institution is explored, from its origins in 16thC Italian commedia dell’arte through the influence of 19thC music hall, to the family shows that are still much loved today.

IAN GLEDHILL. From designing underground railways for London Transport, to appearing in panto with Julian Clary, Ian has had a very varied career and has been giving lectures for over 20 years.

4 February 2019

Leonardo’s Women. Leonardo’s images of women, whether Madonnas, mistresses or wealthy members of society, are amongst the most renowned works of art of the Italian Renaissance. This lecture celebrates the 500th anniversary of his death.

SHIRLEY SMITH specialises in the Italian and Northern Renaissance. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a renowned lecturer.

4 March 2019

Ancient Egyptian Treasures in the Ashmolean Museum. The Ashmolean Museum in Oxford houses one of the finest collections of Egyptian antiquities in the UK. The lecture explores a wealth of ancient material, examining highlights of the collection from the Predynastic Period through to the Roman Period.

LUCIA GAHLIN is an Egyptologist working in museums and on excavations in Egypt, but mostly lectures. She is an Honorary Research Associate at UCL’s Institute of Archaeology, teaches for Exeter University and is Co-Director of Bloomsbury Summer School at UCL.

1 April 2019

Passionate Potters – from De Morgan to Leach. In the 19thC ceramic production became ever more industrial and uniform. In pottery, as in the arts in general, there was a revolution, led in the 1860’s by William Morris, against these soulless products of a machine age. The ‘passionate potters’ range from William de Morgan to Bernard Leach, the father of British studio pottery.

JULIAN RICHARDS is an archaeologist for English Heritage, the BBC and as an independent; a fellow and honorary doctor of the Society of Antiquaries of London. He lectures widely & broadcasts on TV and Radio.

13 May 2019

Coloured Sculpture – What’s All the Fuss About? For most of the 19thC, it was considered almost a crime for artists to apply colour to a statue. But as archaeologists discovered that the ancients had actually coloured their statues to make them appear more lifelike, attitudes began to change, though meeting considerable resistance.

TOM FLYNN is an art historian with a Masters in Design History from the RCA. He holds various visiting lectureships and teaches at UK universities and abroad. He was a Henry Moore Foundation post-doctoral research fellow at Sussex University and has published widely, particularly on sculpture.