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The Arts Society (formerly NADFAS)

 A bit of history

The Arts Society Sparkenhoe is a member of the The Arts Society (formerly NADFAS)  As a member of The Arts Society Sparkenho, you are automatically a member of The Arts Society. This entitle you to a quarterly arts newsletter and the opportunity to take part in the events that TAS itself puts on. Click here to go to the The Arts Society main website (or right click to open in a new tab).

The first Decorative and Fine Arts Society was the inspiration of Patricia Fay.  In 1965 she formed The Chiltern Antiques Group, later to become the Chiltern DFAS, to bring together people interested in the decorative and fine arts who wished to hear expert lecturers, to visit museums, galleries, houses and collections and to increase and broaden their knowledge. Patricia Fay received great help and encouragement in her work from Sir Trenchard Cox, then the Director of the Victoria & Albert  Museum, and  subsequently  NADFAS  President.  Such was its success that other Societies followed and in 1968 the first eleven Societies formed the National Association of Decorative & Fine Arts Societies (NADFAS), holding the Inaugural Meeting at the Victoria & Albert Museum in the presence of HRH The Duchess of Kent who became the first Patron. NADFAS became a registered charity in 1972. For all the inspiration and vision which lay behind such rapid success, Patricia Fay received an OBE but sadly she died in 1979 aged 46.

NADFAS expanded rapidly throughout the United Kingdom and in 1984 the first Society was formed overseas, in Rheindahlen, Germany, to be followed by the first Australian Society, in Sydney, in 1985. There are now NADFAS Societies throughout Mainland Europe and in New Zealand. The Australian Societies are now grouped in an autonomous Association (ADFAS) but are still closely linked with The Arts Society (formerly NADFAS) through its structures and strong mutual affection


East Midlands Area


The Arts Society (formerly NADFAS) divides all its member societies by region.  This means that  The Arts Society Sparkenhoe members are also members of the East Midlands section of The Arts Society (formerly NADFAS).  The East Midlands section of The Arts Society (formerly NADFAS)puts on talks, study days etc which The Arts Society Sparkenhoe members are entitled to attend. Click here to go to the East Midlands Area Website.